Our Story

Sito’s calling

Sito Kaur is a born again Christian. She converted to Christianity at the age of 50, and started a Punjabi fellowship in the UK through Aston Parish Church so that non English speaking Punjabi followers could hear the word of the Lord. She spread the word far and wide, including in her home village of Khothran in the Punjab state of India.  

Many villagers were subsequently baptised and Sito opened her home as a place of welcome and gathering for the newly formed Christian community there. By the grace of God the numbers of believers grew. The house was not big enough to hold the growing number of people attending.

One night she had vision of a storm. It blew the ceiling off completely and she saw thunder and lightning, through which a voice said ‘Sito you will build my church’

She shared her vision, with the then vicar of Aston Parish Church, Keith Sinclair. He, along with the clergy, the PCC and congregation gave their full support for her to build a church in India.

Building Gods house in Khothran

Sito purchased the land 21st September 1993, to plant a church in her home village. Aston Parish Church agreed to help, and by the end of 1998 they raised 18,837.

In 1997 a contractor was chosen and work on the building began. The process was not without difficulties, and it took almost four years to complete the project, by which time a total of 36,539,95. was raised.

In 2003, Khothran Church was finally open. It was created as a place welcome for Indian Christians that had no place of worship. Christians are a minority faith in the Punjab and therefore their needs were underserved. This need continues to grow. The current congregation stands  at 100 plus every week.

Where we are today?

The Church is a not for profit organization, legally registered with charity numbers in India and the UK. It has been managed as an extension of the Asian fellowship at Aston Parish Church. Its geographic boundaries/reach ….

Key successes to date have include:

  • Building a congregation from scratch
  • Training a vicar
  • Wedding, baptisms, etc.


The main challenges it faces are:

  • The church currently costs more to run than it receives in donations, therefore a long term strategic plan has been created to ensure its financial stability.
  • Staffing and succession planning.

Help us to continue Sito’s work and continue building on the foundations she lay.

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